Happy national women’s day!

We all know that women are equal to men, so we are celebrating national women’s day!

Life for the average woman is full of oppression with the average white man and just the average white man pulling the strings in day to day life through the means of patriarchy, sexism, and even racism… Right?

Well, I’d hate to melt the snowflakes in this blizzard we call social justice but according to recent news reports I’ve read I see the opposite.

Remember when China did the selective abortions killing all baby girls? Keeping all baby boys alive and it’s the one child policy they created.

How about sharia law where women are literally treated as objects?

Or the migrants as young as ten having to get pregnancy tests in the migrant detention facilities because of being raped along the way?

But no, it’s just the evil white men because you can’t question the narritive.

Enjoy your feminist holiday while we put up with your crap.

I celebrated by making a meme


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