Are undocumented migrants vaccinated?

With measels, mumps, and ruebela on the rise it’s obvious that mandatory vaccinations need to happen, right?

I mean it’s obvious that the anti vaxxers have to have vaccines forced upon them in order for everybody to be healthy and immune from dieseses for a happier world.

But since we must have open boarders where millions come in unvetted and unchecked then it’s obvious that people coming from different populations in the world are bringing diseases with them and we don’t know if they are vaccinated.

Tuberculosis, Ruebela, Measles, and Mumps are all scary things to have so let’s introduce a strain of it into our bodies along with many other ingredients like the sv 40 cancer virus, Mercury, and aluminum will help you become immune to to all ingredients inside them. Even though you introduce a live cancer virus that lies dormant for a period of time.

Besides, if it makes you immune why do you get sick right after? Your supposed to be immune from it. Doesn’t that defeat the entire purpose of the entire point?

Yet, anti vaxxers are being blamed for what other people bring into the nation.

I’m not against immigration as long as it’s not undocumented because we need to know who is sick or not. Just like the case in a migrant detention facility with 200 cases of the mumps.

Or how about in 3 states the vaccines were improperly stored causing major problems.

But of course that’s not on mainstream television.

Kinda seems like they want to blame Americans for not vaccinating themselves when the insert says what’s in the vaccine and leaving the boarder wide open where infectious diseases can be spread around.

And they also say we must kill unborn babies and have death panels for the elderly which we know will be used on dissidents, police, prison guards, military personnel, and everybody else down this road, but yet wants to preserve the population from infectious anti vaxxers.

So much for my body my choice.

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